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Welcome to

A Carer's Heart

Supporting unpaid carers throughout their caring journey

“remember what a special thing it is that you do!”    A Carer’s Heart

Our Support for YOU

A Carer's Heart is for everyone. Whether you think you may be taking on a caring role in the future; you have started your caring journey and are already caring for one or more loved ones or friends; you are an employers who wants to support their employees or whether your active caring has ended and beyond.

Unpaid carers come in all shapes and sizes! It doesn’t matter who you are caring for or for how long or how many loved ones you are caring for. Whether the role is full-time or part-time; whether you live with the cared-for-person or care remotely. Whether you even think of yourself as a carer or not, you are welcome.

Being an unpaid carer can make additional demands on you non-carers don’t often think about. When you take or took on caring role, you may still wish or need to continue to work or run your business. Continuing in a job or role when you start caring is a significant part of your identity and who you are, as well as providing psychological benefits. However, you may be reluctant to share this new responsibility with your colleagues or employers and that can be isolating and distressing.

As active or former carers ourselves we understand that you can experience often-conflicting emotions and feelings, sometimes overwhelming you like multiple waves crashing over you, without giving you time to take a breath in between.

A Carer's Heart is here for you and those who support youboth now and the future, whether at home, in the workplace or if you just want to feel like you every now and again.

“you have to take care of yourself, before you can take care of others”   Dr. Phil, Clinical Psychologist

Services and Products

We understand that everyone has different learning styles and that, as a carer, the opportunities to develop your knowledge or learn new skill mays be limited.

All videos will have captions, also with transcripts if required and there will be a variety of downloadable worksheets, as well as notes, further reading resources and ebooks.

So, with that in mind, we will be creating: 

  • a variety of short, free workshops
  • regular free webinars
  • podcast episodes
  • blog posts
  • paid community with courses and group coaching sessions, if you would like more in-depth training, plus direct support through the community forum.
  • provide practical advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners to support their carer employees


The blog will be covering a wide range of topics, mostly related to the emotional and psychological side of the caring role, but also extending to topics that affect most of us, such as our relationships with others and mental fitness.


A Carer's Heart podcasts will be covering different elements of caring, such as subjects relating to health and wellbeing, topical issues, life, living, work and lifestyle and beyond caring. Additionally, there are bonus issues, which could be on anything!


This section will provide resources and products, focused on supporting you to support new or active carers or post-carers in your business, who would benefit from additional support during this transition period.



The webinars will either be driven by topics we feel you would benefit from being able to discuss and learn from. Alternatively, they might be subjects that you or other cares would like covered, let us know!

Quick Win


A variety of evidence-based short workshops, covering a wide range of topics, such as finding meaning in your role as a carer; recognising unhelpful thoughts and feelings and how to reduce their impact.

Community Membership

For a small monthly fee, the Community Membership will have a forum, more in-depth courses, covering a wide range of topics, office hours and regular group coaching sessions, covering a wide range of topics, including problem-solving.

“we rise by lifting others.”    Robert Ingersoll